Night Sky

Look to the night sky………..watching the moon, stars, and planets is always fascinating. 2013 is to be the year of the Ison Comet. Read about it further here. Another article about how this comet might rival the moon in amount of light intensity is here.
By late November it will be visible to the unaided eye just after dark in the same direction as the setting Sun. Its tail could stretch like a searchlight into the sky above the horizon. Then it will swing rapidly around the Sun, passing within two million miles of it, far closer than any planet ever does, to emerge visible in the evening sky heading northward towards the pole star. It could be an "unaided eye" object for months. When it is close in its approach to the Sun it could become intensely brilliant but at that stage it would be difficult and dangerous to see without special instrumentation as it would be only a degree from the sun.