The F Word

The Hill's Global Symposium for this year was held online yesterday and today. Everyone had to present remotely. One speaker is a co-founder of Brief Media which produces Clinician's Brief magazine. She mentioned at one point about how people don't like to use the F word. Not the one that seems to capture bad language attention but F for Failure. We focus too much on our failures and try to avoid any yet it is often through failures that we learn how to do better. I hate to focus on failure too, I certainly have done enough in this area yet as I will mention in the Winn FIP Symposium webinar on April 30th, it is through failure of treatment that we learn more about how to treat disease better. We's love to but we can't win every time in our lives.

Sadly though it seems that in this day and age of social media, any presumed failure or disagreement that is considered a failure from the perceived norm is treated savagely. Failure is not allowed to be a learning experience but an experience to destroy that individual. This is unfortunate and I hope will change but I don't expect it will anytime soon. This challenge of COVID 19 pandemic is bringing out the best and worst in people and as it goes along, it promotes more of the worst above all else.
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