In the Still of the Morning Snow

After midnight today and through sunrise, we had our first snow of the winter season. The temperature was about freezing level and would warm up during the day to over 40 degrees F. The snow was not going to stick around long which is good since it is Valentine's Day and dinner beckons.
I was able to catch with my cell phone the yard lights shining on the snow. It looked like the 'still of the night' in an old time setting.

First Big Snow Visible

We are getting snow on the Peter Mountains and Snow Peak. Here is one of the most striking. Nothing close to the Valley floor yet.


Snow and Ice in Berlin

We got about 2 inches plus snow overnight or early yesterday morning. Then on top of that with the cold, we got freezing rain too. My fountain is full of snow and an ice block.The gargoyle does not look happy.


Let It Snow

We woke up to a deep cold morning where it had started snowing about 4:30 a.m. You can see how we have such a nice wintry feel to our local countryside with the early morning view of my cousin’s house below. It makes one want to snuggle in and keep warm. It looks like we might end up with about 3 inches plus of snow with the forecast of a very, very cold weekend, colder than we have had in possibly 40 plus years.

Visions of Snow

With visions of next week’s sugar plums dancing in our heads, we woke up to a few inches of wet snow on the ground. In fact, there is a flurry of small flakes present while I type this post. I like to look for the interesting picture and one that can be used for email Christmas cards or future cards to order. Here is one I got of across the road in the early morning of my cousin’s home. The garage light in the snow looked very “winter wonderland”.

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