DIY Cat Planters

Well, I seem to have plenty of time for reading on the internet and Facebook. I came across a link to make some very cute cat planters out of plastic bottles. Find it here.


It is good to feel success in tackling an unknown project. I am not a designer or crafty person. I can be determined to try something and make it work. I was able to load InDesign on my Mac computer and update a number of files that I have been waiting to tackle. I was able to make great headway and just need a few pieces of information to finish this up. It is really a satisfying feeling.

Art Walkin'

No matter how many times we have driven by Cottage Grove while traveling I-5, we have never visited the downtown area. This evening we drove to Cottage Grove to the Crafty Mercantile shop to participate in our friend’s, Dr. Patricia Shea, showing of her art in the store. Each month Cottage Grove has an Art Walk and people come out to visit the downtown and see the “wares” on display. It looks like Cottage Grove has done some revitalization and it seems to be helping. Patricia’s friends and clients came to see her work and visit. She has done a great job in her painting. Here is one example of a print she donated to AAFP for their silent auction years ago.