Civic Feline Clinic

At Civic Feline Clinic

We made a visit to Civic Feline Clinic today. It was fun and sad to see the old place. It has been sold to NVA, corporate practice. Here is my long time technician and friend, Michele. She came to work for me in 1988 which is a long history.

Stained Glass Cats

Here was one of my favorite parts of the practice. I remember when I had the fellow from Russia who was an artist in mosaics and stained glass. I commissioned him to do this piece to replace the glass side window at the entrance. It is an original and a very nice piece. I wish I still owned it.

Civic Feline Clinic Waiting Room

Bob and I stopped by Civic Feline Clinic to say hello. We were able to see Teri, Michele, Angela and also Dr. Ellis. It was fun to be in the old stomping grounds. I miss the feel of owning the practice and seeing it grow. I don’t miss the stress. Here is the waiting room with one of the hospital cats.


In this economic environment, it is not easy to operate a profitable veterinary practice. I came to the revelation through some discussion with an individual about another practice that I had built a fairly well managed veterinary practice. We certainly went through some recessions and economic challenges though probably not as severe as the most recent recession and lack of significant economic recovery.
Definitely, the current thinking about what makes a profitable practice and one that has some value to sell is very different than past years. Even different from what was thought 10 years ago. It is amazing what we learn from experience or that we even learn at all from life’s lessons.

25th Anniversary Photo Collage of Civic Feline Clinic

Vicki and her former business partner, Dr. Josie Thompson. Civic Feline Clinic’s waiting room and stained glass cat entry.
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